Our Associate Companies

Laxmi Enterprises
Laxmi Industries

Since last 32 years we have been manufacturing and supplying quality P.S.C poles for the Rural Electrification Projects and to the power distribution companies like BSPHCL, NBPDCL, SBPDCL, NHPC and PGCIL. We have so far supplied lakhs of quality poles to prominent power distribution companies in Bihar, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and other states.

Mr. Bipin Trivedi

Mr. Bipin Trivedi is a first generation entrepreneur. He has established two successful companies Laxmi Enterprise (Bihar) & Laxmi Industries (Orissa).

He is a very hands on leader. The biggest mistake that construction companies make is that they do construction out of excel sheets. His personal inspection and supervision has ensured that the company always runs a tight ship. He works very closely with his team and tries to visit as many sites as possible in a day. He does things very professionally. He believes “we are not in the business of selling; we are in the business of making homes.”